Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Forward movement...finally!

Spent a couple of hours last night carving out space at one end of the laundry room for my studio. Not an easy task as it required moving nearly everything out, sweeping out the cobwebs, sawdust, cat hair and such, then rearranging storage bins and shelving to create my "creative man-cave."

Am happy to report that I now have a permanent place for my easel and newly acquired desk, with plenty of floor space for larger sculptural pieces. Still another good evening or two's worth of sorting, pitching and organizing, but an end is in sight. Once everything has been gone through and I have made room for the things that were displaced, I can get the lighting hung, the peg board mounted and my tools and supplies put out. How nice it will be to have everything all in one place and ready whenever I am. If all goes well, I may begin actual artwork by the weekend. I think I feel like a serious artist for maybe the first time in my life.

By next week's post I should have a few pics of the studio such as it is.

Till then!


  1. Thanks Octoberfarm for the kind words!

    Trying to make "just do something" my new motto. So easy to let an overwhelming project or situation stagnate you. Feels good to have accomplished what I have.

    Gotta give my daughter thanks for helping sort and organize the space, and my wife for being so encouraging!

  2. Way to go Chris. Look forward to seeing your 'man cave'.