Monday, January 11, 2010

Slow start to 2010

I am not sure I much care for the month of January. I always have such high hopes and even bigger plans for the beginning of a new year. If only real life played out like I have it mapped out in my head. I was alright with taking time away from my creative pursuits during the holidays, but had planned to hit it hard and heavy once January 1st arrived. Here we are on the 11th day of the month, and all I have done is read about other people's processes and progress. (I'm filling my data bank?) This is why I struggle to call myself an artist at times.

I know that I just need to be kinder to myself and remember that when I am inspired, I will move out of this period of "unproductivity." (Is that even a word?)

I know that part of my hesitation in getting to work on some of the things that I either have started or am working out in my head is that I haven't really claimed a workspace for myself here at home. Though the workbench in the garage was great during the summer and autumn months, it is far too chilly (and often too wet with melting snow and ice from the car) to spend more than a few minutes out there. Maybe setting up a permanent indoor studio space should be my focus for now. Once that has been accomplished, it is hard to believe that the inspiration and motivation won't follow.

In addition to artwork, I had planned to begin rewriting one of my NaNoWriMo novels this year. Since the virus took out our PC in December though, I can't spend more than a few minutes on the computer. It's working again, but I don't trust it any longer. I hate to let something as stupid as a virus stress me out, but I keep waiting for it to get infected again. I no longer care to even turn it on anymore. Having it functioning for Mary to work from home seems more important right now anyway.

When I think about it, I really just need to bite the bullet and shell out the $1,000 or so for a Macbook and then I won't have computer issues as an excuse any longer. In addition to writing I can spend some time getting this blog that way I want it as well. I would like to post more pictures of my work to date as well as images of current works in progress.

Then again, maybe I should just crawl into bed and not wake again until April or May.


  1. Hiding out under the bed is NOT an option. I do think finding a permanent workplace is an excellent plan. You could always get a thumb drive to store your writing, then a virus shouldn't be a problem?? Good luck and I will be watching.

  2. Need to take a look at the laundry/storage room and figure out how to carve myself out some space. (That'll keep me busy!)

    Not really worried about infecting my writing docs, it's the computer that is my main concern. I am so disgusted with PCs in general, that I have very little interest in spending any time on it. Really not worth the risk, or the stress. You will probably not see much of me on Facebook either for the same reason. Until I have a Macbook, I am reserving any computer time for here at work.

  3. A space in the laundry/storage room sounds like a plan. Good excuse to get rid of stuff. Good luck!

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