Sunday, September 26, 2010

Checking in

Happy first Sunday of Fall y'all! Things are beginning to look very autumnal in this part of the country, and I'm in the mood for all things fall. 

Was planning to wait until my current WIPs were further along to post again, but I am already feeling like a new entry is overdue. I guess they are still works in progress, even if they aren't where I envisioned they would be. 

With the Fall Gift Gallery event coming up the first weekend in November, I have my work cut out for me. Right now I have 4 repurposed softball pieces going, and a list of others to begin when I have made room on my workspace. Below is a picture of what I am working on. In the front is a black bear (a commission for a friend of a co-worker). Behind that is a bat (with unpainted foam wings) which will be a hanging piece. Then I have the very start of a scarecrow plant stake. Lastly I have a rubber duck ball which will have bubbles, a small bar of soap (which I am still not sure about) and an acrylic "puddle" base.

Funny story about the small pink bar of soap. After forming the bar out of paper clay, I pressed carefully selected macaroni letters spelling out "soap" into the wet clay and set it aside to dry. The next morning when I went downstairs to feed that cat, I found it facedown on the concrete floor covered in dust, cobwebs, and cat hair. Apparently someone thought it made a great toy for batting around during the night. I suppose I should be happy that I found it so easily since it could easily have ended up under the washing machine or some dark corner of the laundry room. When I picked it up to return it to my work table, I discovered that the cat had also eaten all of the letters off. Guess she wasn't aware how tedious a job it was sifting thorough the dry pasta letters to find just the ones I needed. I guess the imprint they left behind is probably better for what I was going for anyway. Thanks Twyla?

I am also working on some more traditional painted pieces when I am not inspired to work on the softballs. Here is an older painting I rescued from my stack of canvases to be painted on or to re-gessoed and repainted. I am reworking what I had originally sketched out, giving it an autumn look by setting the scarecrow in a pumpkin patch, and adding the colored maples in the background. I love crows, so I envision one or two making an appearance here as well. Still not completely happy with it, but as of yet, I can't put my finger on the what or why. I welcome comments or suggestions! Sorry that the accompanying picture is a little blurry. I am just learning to use the digital camera. I was also working against a failing battery, so I kind of rushed it. I promise to make the next shot sharper, so that you can see the details.

I have a few other ideas percolating for a couple of other canvas paintings. As soon as I 
have something on those, I will post pics.

Guess that's all I have for now. Time to head back into the studio. 

Until I post again, take care of yourselves. 

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  1. Ah kitty' to love them. Glad to hear the gift gallery is going to happen again. Love the bear and the duck. Keep at it!