Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring has definitely sprung

Right now is as difficult a time of year for me as it is enjoyable. Though the warmer temperatures, as well as the leafing and greening up of the yard, are welcomed after the cold and gray winter days, I find myself torn about where and when to spend my free time. Giving myself permission to work on creative projects when there is yardwork and housework beakoning has been a challenge of mine for some time. Learning to find the right balance is something I am trying to focus on this year - making sure that everything gets my time and attention.

Nothing new to "show" you at this time as most everything is still "in process." I am finding it very liberating to have so many things going at one time (a new concept for me). As I wind up work on things (or at least get closer to finished), I will post more pictures. Though I have seen some great W.I.P. photos on other blogs, I am not sure that the things I have spread thoroughout my small space would be much to look at.

In addition to the painting and sculpting I am thinking it is time to pick up a sketch pad and colored pencils again. I got a great spiral bound pad from Mary for Valentine's Day, but I am reluctant to sully the pages yet. That has always been my "beef" with drawing. As much as I think doing more regular drawing would help get the ideas flowing, I am daunted by what to put down on paper when I do make the time. My guess is that anything is better than nothing, but I too often give up or tear out what little I do manage and then put the whole "shebang" away. Any suggestions?

Can't tell you how inpiring the world of blogging is proving to be for me. I have come across many incredible artisans in this part of the online world, and look forward to each and every new entry that gets posted. I can only hope that some day I too can inspire someone to create things in the same way.

Hope to post again in a few weeks. By then I will have photos of what I have been up to. Until then, enjoy the spring wherever you are. I know I am!


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