Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's that up ahead?

With 100/100 behind me and NaNoWriMo a little over a month away, I have been thinking that I need a new creative challenge. (As if making art, and writing a book aren't challenging enough.) Inspired by my daughter's "Photo a Day" challenge in August, I was thinking I might do "A Drawing a Day" for the month of October.

Why a drawing a day? Well, I got a fresh taste of drawing when I helped Kendall out with her final project for photography at the end of the last school year, and it wasn't too bad. Normally I get very frustrated with drawing, but I think with one to do for 31 consecutive days, I won't have time to get too obsessive, and it can only help with the flow of creative ideas. The idea would be that I would produce a simple sketch each day that I would then post here on this blog. When I have finished, I will have a collection of drawing that might then become painting or in some way end up in my writing. I'm kind of excited by the prospects. I will spend the next couple of day investigating themes, and making a plan of attack. I will post the details when I have everything worked out.

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  1. What a huge challenge. I look forward to seeing your drawings.