Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, well, well

Alright, so it's been nearly a month since my last confession, I mean blog post. What have I been up to? Until recently, not a whole lot. Just a little. Ready to get busy once again. The ideas are flowing. I think it's time to let them out.

In the studio, I have a bowling ball frog W.I.P. on my work table right now. Won't include any shots of that. You've seen what they look like. (look right) Will begin a bowling ball turtle shortly. I will post pics of that one, since it is a new design for me. Supposed to be hot and muggy for the next handful of days which mean I will be spending much time inside, so hopefully I will have something for you soon on that one. After those are mostly completed and ready to deliver to their "owner," I will start some painted collage and diorama type pieces in a circus or carnival theme. Going to my first renaissance faire at the end of July, so I am planning to absorb as much inspiration there as possible. Feels good to be painting again after some time off. I think I have replenished my databases with ideas for future pieces.

As for writing, I am currently working on a book about a ventriloquist, and his struggle with life and reality. I feel like it has a lot of potential, but still requires a considerable work. (Wasn't prepared for how long writing a book can take. Why I am surprised, I don't know.) As a source of research and inspiration, I am reading Jeff Dunham's autobiography "All By My Selves".

It's been a great read so far. Jeff is a really nice guy with an incredible talent. Being an artist myself, I am really impressed that despite having no training, he makes many of his own dolls. I am hoping for a little more specific information, as he has only mentioned minute details about his materials and process. A woman in my writer's group suggested I contact him directly, and I am beginning to think I may just do that. Will be interesting to see if I get any response. I think anything he can offer will add some great material to my book and insight into the characters world.

That pretty much fills you in on what is going on with me at the moment. As soon as possible, I will post more pictures of my art here. That was the reason for beginning this project a few years back. Hope this finds everyone well. Stay cool if you are in an area that has to deal with summer heat and humidity. I will be spending much time indoors with the air conditioning. I don't do well with the heat and blazing sun. 

Hope to "see"you all again soon!

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  1. I look forward to seeing your circus/carnival work, do post pictures. And more of your book. I continue to see 'Mr. Cellophane" in your character. Good luck contacting Mr. Dunham, sometimes surprises happen. The chef at Old Fort Pub on Hilton Head sent me the recipe I asked for! Let me know when you go to the Faire; I'd love to meet you all there. As always your post is interesting and entertaining. Keep up the good work and stay cool.