Saturday, April 30, 2011

Now that's one big bug!

Yup, spring is here and the bugs are out. Don't mind this one too much though. Kinda cute, don't ya think? (and it doesn't bite or leave a awful odor on your hands)

Here are some pics of my latest creation. I have to say I am much happier with the softball ladybug than I was with bowling ball version. (Sorry no good pics of that one.) This one went home with Mom at Easter and is now hanging out at the library where she works. Have another of these in the works now that will stay with us. Mother's Day gift for Mary? Anyway, hope you enjoy these. Thanks to The Girl for taking the photos. She is turning out to be an impressive photographer!

More pics and thoughts later.

1 comment:

  1. KM did a great job with the photos. Lana Ladybug is enjoying her time in the library with Fanny Frog. They make quite a striking pair. Thank you for making her for me.